In 1958, DYMO was founded in California as DYMO Industries, where it introduced the first personal label maker, the embosser, and quickly revolutionized the way business and individuals organized and identified their offices and surroundings. DYMO embossers became synonymous with labeling and identification.

Secure Utility provides secure remote connectivity for buildings, utilities, and deployed assets. The solution is scalable to support all existing building operating technologies, life-safety, and security systems. The solution’s multi-layered defense delivers a true secure private network with priority LTE connection, segregated on the back-end of most mobile carrier networks – not the public internet. Remote connection to the Secure Private Network is guarded by a managed, bank-grade firewall, updated in real time to defend against up and downstream threats.

STI manufactures covers, cages and alarms to help prevent theft and vandalism to: fire pull stations, smoke detectors, strobe/horns, keypads, AEDs, exit signs, emergency lights, control panels, motion detectors, CCTVs, clocks, etc. Environmentally controlled cabinets, alarms for exit/entry doors or fire extinguishers, wireless door/doorbell chimes, buttons, alarm/strobe controller. Wireless alerts for: open/closed garage door, mail delivery, car entering or leaving driveway, exit door, fire extinguisher, fence, gate, cabinet, push button, shed, barn, etc.